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What is going on in the Premier League: Table Update

Over the last few seasons it seemed like there were a few teams who would separate themselves early in the season as the true contenders. The usual suspects include Liverpool, and Manchester City, amongst some of the other teams in the normal top 6. Through 6-7 games this season that is definitely not the case. Here at Beer Belly Soccer, we’ll be delving into the current table and discussing what is going on in the Premier League.


At the top of the table through 7 games is Liverpool. While they are considered the odds on favorite to win the league, this season has not quite gone as planned. A gigantic injury to Virgil Van Dijk has left a major hole in the center of their defense. So while Liverpool’s offense looks just as dangerous as ever, they have been leaking goals in defense. A possible move in the January transfer window for a replacement center back could be exactly what they need to secure the title.

Manchester City

As with Liverpool, Manchester City has been having problems in defense since Vincent Kompany left the team. Guardiola’s squad hopes that the recent signing of Ruben Dias will prove to be vital as he looks to form a solid partnership with Aymeric Laporte. Currently in 10th with a game in hand, they will be looking for better performances from here on out.

Leicester City

Could we be in for a repeat of the 2015-2016 in which Leicester surprised everyone to finish with the title? They have looked to be one of the strongest teams in the Premier League this season and currently find themselves only 1 point off of 1st. If they can continue to push forward and bring in a few signings in January, we could be looking at a future title winning team.


Tottenham find themselves in a strange position as this point in the season. In 3rd place with 7 games played, they seem to be one of the stronger teams at the moment. But they have struggled to close out games, already dropping points that they should be easily retaining. As long as they can stay near the top, the hope is that Jose Mourinho will sort everything out in time for Tottenham to be considered a real contender.


The team who strengthened the most over the course of the summer, are currently in 7th place and 4 points off the lead. It was always a worry that bringing in this many new faces would take some time to gel, and that seems to be the main problem so far. In terms of talent, Chelsea may have the most impressive team in the Premier League. It will be up to Frank Lampard to get everybody onto the same page and make a strong push to the top.

Best of the Rest

There is only 6 points separating 13th placed Crystal Palace from 1st placed Liverpool, so in theory any team in the top 13 can consider themselves a contender. Of the teams not listed above; Arsenal, Everton, Wolves, and Aston Villa seem most likely to at least challenge for European spots. Aston Villa may be the most surprising of the group, as they sit only 4 points off the lead with a game in hand. With the right amount of consistency, any of these 4 teams could make a serious run for the title in a year without any dominant teams.

You can find the updated Premier League table at the Premier League’s official website, linked here:

Premier League

Top 10 Premier League Players

This is a ranking of the top 10 players in the Premier League for the current 2020-2021 season. Of course this is a widely debatable subject, but I’ve done my best to think this through in order to come up with the most comprehensive list possible. Before you read on, if your favorite player isn’t listed below then you can just assume that they’re a part of the honorable mention section that I haven’t bothered to write. That being said, here we go:

Number 10: Andrew Robertson

               Andrew Robertson is the first half of Liverpool’s current dynamic duo of outside backs that have been terrorizing the Premier League for the last two years. A focal point in the Liverpool team, Robertson was able to bag 12 assists last season and has been able to start the current season with 1 goal and 1 assist from 4 appearances. Andrew Robertson is the current cream of the crop in terms of Premier League left backs.

Number 9: Son Heung-min

               Son has proven himself to be one of the best players in the Premier League, regardless of position over the last two years. His current form puts him right at the top of the list of attackers with 6 goals and an assist over 4 appearances. If he keeps it up he could even challenge for Golden Boot honors at seasons end.

Number 8: Mohamed Salah

               The current face of the Liverpool side, Salah is one of the most accomplished attackers in the world over the last few seasons. Although he enjoyed a slightly less fruitful season last year, Salah has gotten off to a blazing start over the course of this new season with 5 goals in the opening 4 games. When Salah is on top of his game, he is one of the best in the world.

Number 7: Jamie Vardy

               Time and time again, everyone expects Vardy to fall back to normal levels, and time and time again he keeps the Vardy Party rolling. After winning the Golden Boot last season with 23 goals, he’s continued with his scoring prowess notching 5 more in his first 4 appearances. Leicester will once again challenge for Champions League spots as long as Vardy is at the helm.

Number 6: Trent Alexander-Arnold

               Even at the ripe age of 22, Trent is the best right back in all of the premier league and possibly the world. Coming in second place in terms of assists in the 19/20 season with 13, Trent is an valuable part of Liverpool’s fantastic defense and he should only continue to get better and better.

Number 5: Raheem Sterling

               Raheem Sterling has grown from wonderkid at Liverpool to one of the best overall talents in the Premier League for Manchester City. With 20 goals in the 19/20 season and 1 goal/1 assist in his first 3 games this season, Raheem seems to have finally found his goalscoring boots (aside from that disastrous shot against Lyon).

Number 4: Sadio Mane

               Sadio Mane may have overtaken Salah as Liverpool’s most important attacking player. He was absolutely vital for the Reds in their successful quest to win the Premier League last season with 18 goals. He has also started with 3 in 3 to open up his goalscoring account so far this season. Liverpool will need him to keep it up if they want a chance for back to back Premier League crowns.

Number 3: Pierre-Emerick Aubamayeng

               The lone Arsenal player listed in the top 10, Aubamayeng is far and away their most important player. With his 22 goals last season, he has shown that he can be a force to be reckoned with and with Arsenal hoping to challenge for Champions League places they will need him to be at his best. With 1 goal and 1 assist so far this season he seems to be living up to that billing.

Number 2: Kevin De Bruyne

               What to even say about Kevin De Bruyne, it was an extremely tight one between him and the man in first place on this list but that is to no fault of Kevin himself. De Bruyne was able to turn in one of the most impressive seasons in Premier League history last year by tying Thierry Henry for the single season assist record with 20. He is a complete football player and very well may be the best midfielder on the planet.

Number 1: Virgil Van Dijk

               Virgil Van Dijk is currently the best player in the Premier League and it’s very well deserved. As a center back, VVD doesn’t have the stats to match up with anyone else on this list but it’s clear just from watching a single Liverpool game how talented he is. He was instrumental in Liverpool’s title winning defense as the best central defender in the Premier League. He deserves the current top spot but will need to maintain his high levels of play in order to keep it.