January Transfer Window 2021: The Most Expensive Transfers

The January Transfer Window has officially closed for the 2021 season. Although there weren’t too many major moves going on throughout the world, there were still a few big time deals that went through. In conclusion, here are the most expensive transfers from the January Transfer Window.

(All transfer fees were found on Transfermarkt)

5. Nicolò Rovella to Juventus – 19.8m

The first transfer to find its way onto our list is a big transfer for the future. Nicolò Rovella has made the move to Juventus from Genoa. Juventus paid quite a hefty sum for the 19 year old midfielder. It is clear that they think he can be an important player in the future. But for the time being, Rovella will remain at Genoa on loan. His loan move is expected to end in the summer of 2022. At that time Juventus will see if there is a spot for him in the first team.

4. Dominik Szoboszlai to RB Leipzig – 22m

Dominik Szoboszlai is a very highly rated player who has finally secured a big move. This is clearly a huge steal as Leipzig has benefited from their partnership with RB Salzburg. Szoboszlai has spent a lot of time being linked with AC Milan and Arsenal among other clubs. But with Leipzig he has a great chance to continue growing into a superstar. RB Leipzig is known for giving playing time to youngsters and developing them. In conclusion, I fully expect Szoboszlai to become an immediate factor for Leipzig.

3. Amad Diallo to Man Utd – 23.1m

This transfer is another one that may be seen as a move for the future. Amad Diallo is an extremely highly rated 18 year old from Serie A. The player moved to Manchester United from Atalanta. Manchester United clearly see Diallo as someone who can grow into a superstar in the future. Certainly they have shown as much faith with the transfer fee that they decided to pay.

2. Sébastien Haller to Ajax – 24.75m

This is the first of two transfers in this list that include West Ham. Sébastian Haller has made the move from the Premier League club to Ajax. Haller was seen as the solution to West Ham’s striker spot, but he struggled to find consistency. The January Transfer Window was the perfect opportunity for Haller to make a new move. Above all he will look to get back to the goal scoring form that made him such a highly rated player.

1. Saïd Benrahma to West Ham – 25.41m

The final transfer move for this January Transfer Window is Saïd Benrahma to West Ham. Technically speaking, Benrahma has been at West Ham since October. Originally he had made a loan move from Brentford to West Ham in the Summer Transfer Window. But West Ham have been so impressed with his play that they already decided to make the move permanent. Benrahma is an important part of West Ham’s attack. As a result, he will need to continue his good form as West Ham fight for a Champions League spot.

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Ultimate Champions League Knockout Stage Preview

Here is the preview of all the match ups in the Champions League Knockout Stage. More info on all the teams and the league draw can be found here:

Borussia Monchengladbach vs Manchester City

Make no mistake; this is going to be a very competitive match up. Manchester City has not been on a great run of form throughout the course of this season. Monchengladbach on the other hand looks like a team that has the ability to make a deeper run in the Champions League than expected. This is definitely a match up that the neutral supporter will want to keep a very close eye on.

Lazio vs Bayern Munich

Lazio has done very well up to this point in making it to the knockout stages. On the other hand, Bayern Munich may be considered the favorites to win the whole tournament. It is going to take a mighty effort from Lazio to make it through to the quarterfinals but stranger things have happened.

Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

This has the makings of a very competitive match up. Atletico Madrid had to sneak through the group stages off the back off a few draws. Chelsea was able to dominate their group as they finished at the top with 14 points. But even with the differing form, this one should be very close. Atletico always has a very stingy defense under head coach Diego Simeone. But at the same time, Chelsea has one of the more exciting attacks in the world, led by Timo Werner. This could lead to a very exciting back and forth between the two teams.

RB Leipzig vs Liverpool

Coming off one of their most successful seasons in recent memory, Liverpool were considered one of the favorites to win the Champions League this year. Unfortunately they’ve had to deal with tough injuries that have left them vulnerable. This RB Leipzig side will look to take advantage of this and push on to the quarterfinals. It may seem strange, but don’t forget that Leipzig made it all the way to the semis just last season. They are definitely a capable side that could make a deep run.

FC Porto vs Juventus

Juventus has not been quite as dominant as they usually are in league play. It’s fair to wonder if that could carry over to their Champions League form. Although most would pick them as the easy favorites to move on, FC Porto could cause some problems. Porto played strong in the group stages and will look to bring the same form into the knockout stages.

FC Barcelona vs PSG

Two of the biggest clubs in world football at the moment, this will assuredly be an exciting match up. There had been rumors floating around for the past year that Neymar would be making his move back to Spain. But the move never ended up coming together. So now we get to see two of the most exciting players in Lionel Messi and Neymar face up against each other. It’s hard to say who the favorite really is at this point but from a neutral perspective this is must watch football.

Sevilla vs Borussia Dortmund

Sevilla has been absolutely dominant in the Europa league in recent years. Could this be the year that they turn that dominance into the Champions League? It seems doubtful that it will happen this year. Dortmund has one of the most exciting teams in the world at the moment. They may also have the most wanted player in the world with Erling Haaland. Haaland has been a dominant force, even at a young age. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see Dortmund make it through quite comfortably.

Atalanta vs Real Madrid

This is probably the strangest match up out of the Champions League draw. Atalanta have easily been one of the most exciting teams in the world with their strong attacking play style. But Real Madrid has the pedigree as the most successful team in Champions League history. It’s very difficult to even make a prediction for the outcome of this match up. For now it seems like Madrid will make it through, but it should be closer than most expect.

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